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There are now 931 Wetherspoons pubs around the country. Many are converted from listed buildings: theatres, cinemas, banks, churches, even a swimming pool in the case of Sheffield’s Swim Inn. Without being put to thriving new use, some of these fine old edifices would have fallen into sad, boarded-up disrepair or become ubiquitous “luxury flats”. Instead, they’re well-preserved and still bustling social hubs – albeit in a different, drunker way.

from the album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 · Copyright: Writer(s): Juana Michelle Burns, Matthew Delgiorno, Ronald H. Robinson, Bigram John Zayas, Kim Nazel, Dania Birks, Marshall Mathers, Juanita A. Lee, R. Walters, Fatima Shaheed, Stephen Hacker, D. Davis Lyrics Terms of Use

Nod - I'm AroundNod - I'm AroundNod - I'm AroundNod - I'm Around