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This gripping duel was played out on 12th December, 1976, between Western Australia and defending champions Queensland at the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) Ground in Perth.

During the eighteenth century the British Isles, Continental Europe and North America were scenes of enormous change. The American and French Revolutions were epochal events that have spawned much historical fiction. The glamorous and extravagant Marie Antoinette, in particular, has fascinated novelists. In England, Monarchists and Parliamentarians turned to political maneuvering rather than civil war to resolve their conflicts. Scotland became part of Great Britain with the Act of Union in 1707, but Jacobite risings sought to restore Scottish independence until in 1746 the Battle of Culloden finally crushed attempts to make "Bonnie Prince Charlie" king of an independent Scotland.

Paul Langley - Renegades And Outlaws E.P.Paul Langley - Renegades And Outlaws E.P.Paul Langley - Renegades And Outlaws E.P.